TasTAFE Student Kiosk

Excited to be part of a new initiative

We had the privilege of being involved in an initiative with TasTAFE for their Devonport campus. Trialling a new tool for students – a student kiosk was being created and needed signage.

Our brief was to create an inspiring design to cover the perspex walls of the kiosk, in 1-way film. The kiosks are for students to access a range of online services, with the help of the client services staff at TasTAFE. Services available include course information, student enrolment and registration of their Unique Student Identifier (USI).

We created a lively combination of line drawings depicting students in different disciplines on a vibrant gradient background.

Launched today at the Devonport TasTAFE campus by the acting CEO of TasTAFE Nick May and Head of Client Services Jamie Dodd, we were fortunate to be invited and attended the event. The pilot program was filled with positive feedback and our energetic designs were deemed uplifting and motivational.

Visit www.tastafe.tas.edu.au for more information on Tas TAFE.