logos describe a message about your business, in the simplest method possible


Your logo and branding reflect the personality of your business
If you think of some of the most famous and recognisable brands, they are Coca-Cola, McDonalds and a little blue pill called Viagra! No one remembers the Viagra logo, but they remember the colour of the pill.
The power of colour

Colours are fascinating as they can help ignite an emotional response to your business. It’s for a very good reason that most logo designs for professional / business services have the colour blue incorporated, and adventure sports and energy drinks, such as Red Bull, utilise the power of the colour red. We like to get to know your business and your customers, and select a colour palette that will help present your business in a way that makes sense to your customers.

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Type design is about function. Drawing pretty shapes isn’t enough.
- James Todd

Typography, such as choice of fonts and typefaces, is another important element for your logo, as this is where the personality of your business is displayed. A vineyard might choose a classic ‘serif’ typeface, where a gymnasium might select an angular modern ‘sans serif’ one, and a café might choose a friendlier ‘handwritten’ typeface. If a law firm chose a handwritten font for their logo, we might question their capability in a professional sense.

The design brief
Whether you are just starting a business endeavour and require a new logo, or a complete new corporate identity, we have the knowledge and award-winning experience to guide you with every step of the journey.

We begin the logo design process by firstly speaking with you and learning about your customer base. We then research your competitors and start our creative brainstorming phase. After which, we commence work on designing a number of logo designs for you – sometimes our clients know what they want, but often they don’t, which is why presenting a number of designs for you to choose from can be vital. It’s after this point that we short list our designs and present them to you as our customer.

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Form and function together, create typographic excellence.
Roger Remington