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interior and exterior
Exterior signage is viewed by people of all ages, day and night, good weather and bad, on foot or from their car. It’s important your message is clear and easy to read.

Appropriate sizes and locations, fonts and colours, are all good ingredients into helpful signage for your customers. If your aim is navigation, then a clear and easy to read typeface is crucial. If you have a café and require a hanging menu, then consider your workflow and where your customers should stand to order, and this will help determine the placement and amount of content on display.

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You might require external signage for a building or entrance, or perhaps you’re re-fitting out a shop and require some wall artwork designed? We have extensive signage and fit out experience, for our local and national clients.

places and spaces
We like to start at the finish.

By this we mean that we start with the end result in mind – where is your signage going? What size and format is suitable? If you have a café and require some quirky wall art that your customers will enjoy, then we need to look at where it is situated in relation to your customers and their movements. Do you need to wipe the surface clean every day? Is there direct sunlight on the wall? By answering these questions, we can ensure that you and your customers will enjoy your finished result.

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