Cherry Hill Coolstores

Cherry Hill Coolstores look after the storage and seed services for potato seed, for their clients based around Tasmania, including Simplot and McCains. They work with growers to supply seed potato production by providing marketing, cutting, curing, grading, storage and distribution services. An innovative company, Cherry Hill Coolstores are making constant improvements to their services.

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Cherry Hill Coolstores are leaders in seed potato management.

The Cherry Hill Coolstores are a pretty innovative bunch of farmers, to say the least! From remote access for humidity controlled coolstores, to automatic CO2 purging coolstores, as well as a workflow system accessible by forklift drivers equipped with iPad’s. What a sight!

We’ve worked with Cherry Hill Coolstores to create a range of graphic design pieces, including business cards, marketing materials, vehicle signage, website, and app’s for smart phone and tablets. We write and design their quarterly newsletters, available online or in print, to suit the various preferences of their readers.

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Willingness to go that extra mile

We have been working with Anita and her team since 2012, for our newsletters and developing our computer database for our potato warehousing business.

Comments that come to mind: Meets dead lines; Value for money; Great team; Interprets our end goal very well, with minimal info from us.

But most of all there is a willingness to go that extra mile outside of their commitment to get a great outcome.We enjoy working with Stream Art Design very much. Nothing is ever a problem. They don’t disappoint.


Self-manage the various graphic design requirements of our client, so they don’t have to lift a finger.

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