Hannah Canine Sanctuary

The aim of the Hannah Foundation Inc. is to provide a sanctuary for beloved dogs whose owners have passed and made provisions for their dog’s future care in their will. These dogs will spend the rest of their lives at the Hannah Canine Sanctuary in a peaceful home-style environment.

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A dog is the only thing on earth who loves you more than he loves himself

We were delighted to donate our time recently to help the Hannah Foundation Inc. create their new website.

The Foundation was inspired by Hannah, who was an elderly boxer dog that had lost her owner. It was four days before Hannah was found alongside her deceased owner, alone and distraught. Rita Lynd rehabilitated Hannah and dedicated the following decade to building a sanctuary for dogs to live out the rest of their days, in a loving environment. They are an amazing and generous team who have made this all possible.

How could we not want to be part of something like that!

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To create a user friendly website to showcase Hannah Canine Sanctuary's services

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