5 tips for you to consider for your business stationery

5 tips for you to consider for your business stationery

Your business stationery, including your business card, is often the first promotional asset your prospective clients see, so it needs to make the right impression. As well as looking great, your stationery needs to be functional. How does it look when photocopied, does it look great and legible on screen, as well as printed? These aspects and more need to be taken into consideration when designing stationery. We have outlined five aspects for you to consider for your business stationery.

1. Get a professional to design your stationery

You have a great new logo for your start up and now want to showcase it on a set of stationery. We recommend using a qualified graphic designer to design your stationery. This will ensure all your stationery pieces work cohesively which help to cement your new brand. Your graphic designer will ensure that fonts and colours are consistent and can set up templates for you to use in-house.


2. Stationery to suit your office printer capability and accounting software

It is important to know that your newly designed stationery will work with your software limitations and office printing capabilities. Let your designer know what accounting software you will be using, and any limitations it may have to the positioning of margins and address blocks and size of logo. This way they can then design with that in mind.



3. Brand consistency

Along with a consistent design in your stationery items, consider getting a style guide created. A style guide is a document outlining how your logo, fonts and graphic devices should be used across all marketing material – from print, signage, web and digital/social media. It is useful to have on file to give to your outsourced designers and printers, as well as a guide for employees as to how your branded items should look.


4. Get your business card professionally printed

It matters. A flimsy, poorly printed, business card, will give the impression of a cheap and unprofessional business. Instead, get a professionally printed set of cards. Choose a thick card stock, this makes your cards strong which emulates strength, reliability in your business. Consider a matte laminate finish for a smooth feel that is lovely to hold. The laminate also helps to keep your card looking great, where ever it may end up. Professionally printed cards are quite inexpensive to print, talk to your local printers for a personal service or you can buy online at one of the many web-based print companies. Check reviews first, to ensure they are a reputable company.


5. Use environmentally friendly paper

Consider our finite resources when choosing paper and card for the printing of your stationery. The benefit of our modern times is that the majority of invoices and correspondence is now sent electronically, saving on paper use. If you are sending out printed invoices and correspondence, use 100% recycled paper, there are many choices available.


Ensure you are giving the right impression to your clients by investing in a professionally designed and printed set of stationery . Stream Art Design has over thirty years of combined graphic design experience. To view our stationery packages visit our pricing page on our website or get in touch with one of our team to chat about your stationery requirements.

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