Is your website switched on?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Analytics Workshop

How do I get my website to appear on page one of Google results?

We had the pleasure of attending an insightful workshop into SEO and Analytics, hosted by Switch Tasmania, in Devonport, Tasmania in November.

Presenter Nathan Kelly with a background in marketing, was a highly informative and approachable presenter. He engaged the audience and incorporated real life scenarios into his presentation. This made the workshop relevant and relatable for all those that attended.

Kate Stokes, Graphic Designer at Stream Art Design, commented on the workshop’

It was great to see so many local businesses keen to learn more about SEO & Analytics. It was reassuring that our desire to learn more about the topic, as a way to better support our own clients was valid. It was also nice to be reminded that good old fashioned customer service and on and offline marketing was the way to be a more successful business.

The workshop outlined the steps involved in optimising (optimise – make the best or most effective use of) your website pages for the google search engine. The take home message was consistency of key words throughout the site, including individual page meta tag descriptions, page titles, urls, headings, page content and image names and associated tags.

Other tips included:

  • Regular updating of content through news articles and blogs to keep your site relevant to the Google search engine. Add news articles that include questions that customers may ask Google about your product.
  • Including the location of your business into your keywords – this was especially relevant to the attendees, as the North West of Tasmania has a location advantage due to limited competition in the area.
  • Submitting a site map to Google to improve the indexing of your site.
  • The use of hidden pages (not linked to main menu) for additional content.
  • Off page link building – subscribing to popular websites and directories to achieve links back to your own website to increase your reach through popularity.
  • Social media – using social media channels to improve reach and to reinforce keywords and links that are relevant to your website.

Overall, we found the Digital Ready workshop by Switch Tasmania relevant and informative in assisting small business operators to prepare their website for search engine optimisation. Importantly, allowing them to use their online presence to its full potential with the expectation of making their website appear on page one of their target market’s Google search results.

If you need assistance optimising your website pages to get the biggest reach possible on google and other search engines, contact our team at Stream Art Design, we can help you implement the changes necessary. We offer an obligation-free quotation and can sit down with your over a cuppa, and have a good chat about your search engine optimisation needs.

Free assistance to help you get “Digital Ready”

Switch Tasmania host a number of free workshops under their government funded Digital Ready for Business program, targeting small business start ups and entrepreneurs in North West Tasmania. The program offers free online resources, workshops and a one-on-one, two hour digital ready coaching session.

“If you’re ready to grow your business by taking the next step online or using social media, the Digital Ready for Business program is here to help. The program has been developed to empower Tasmanian small and medium businesses to take charge of their online presence and develop an online strategy that really works” Daryl Connelly, Executive Officer and Principal Business Advisor.

To find out more about Switch Tasmania visit their website: