WordPress v5.0 update

Important note regarding WordPress v5.0

As you know, WordPress make many updates to their CMS software, throughout the course of the year.

Important news: there is a major update coming with ‘WordPress v5.0’ due to be launched on Friday, this week!

Version 5.0 has been slated for over half a year now and one of the exciting new features is “Gutenberg”, which is a visual page block builder: https://wordpress.org/gutenberg

While this will eventually be how we build sites, it is very different from the previous setup – and as such, a high-risk version to update immediately.

IMPORTANT: Prior to updating to v5.0, we recommend installing a new ‘classic editor’ plugin for any existing WordPress websites – especially if you’d like to keep everything ‘as is’ but commit to the v5.0 version of WordPress. It’s as simple as installing this plugin and activating it, via this link.

Should you upgrade your website to WordPress v5.0 and start to edit a page without the classic plugin, it’s likely to ‘break’. Should this happen, we recommend looking for “Revisions” (top-right column of your page) – as it’s here you can restore your page back to the last working version.

Read more about WordPress v5.0

As always, please let us know if we can be of any help – we can install this plugin for you, and/or help you to transition your website to v5.0.